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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Spiritual Heart: Heart Resonance of CIG

Spiritual Heart: Heart Resonance of CIG, Unification Family Therapy, Psychology, Love, Power of Heart, resonance
Spiritual Heart

A path to personal, social and global coherence in building CIG

by Y.M., Unification Family Therapy

The world of heart is the world where every one can trust each other. The Kingdom of Heaven is the expansion of the family.. full with, peace, love and harmony

Our Spiritual Heart is connecting us to infinite network of information. This unseen energy that the heart emits, influences us. It makes us profoundly connected to all living things. The energy of the heart literally links us to each other. We all have that ability. In my case, I feel it consciously.

I can sense people's hearts, I feel their energy. Automatically I sense where that energy is wrong, and I can correct it. Each person feels like a universe... and I can sense all his lineage - his ancestors, and how they relate to each other and to him, how they influence his life. It's beautiful.

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We are all God's children and our hearts are the very place where we connect to Him. Through His love is that we connect to each other. "When God is in your heart, your heart knows it... though we cannot see God, our hearts know Him." CSG1 p.52. It is so important to learn to live in love, not fear. Every person's heart contributes to a 'collective field environment.'

Fear give rise to doubts, negativity and resentments, while love, opens all the bright and beautiful things in our lives. In this blessed age, we can all come to coherence with God's True Love and build substantially CIG.

This short video explains the importance of our Heart Resonance.

Scientists at the HeartMath Institute (HMI) have already conducted extensive research on the power of heart, the heart/brain connection, heart intelligence and practical intuition.


Is there anything we can do to make this world a better place? Today even scientific evidence proves that peace is possible. Scientific study found a curious connection between how the brain and heart behave when we focus on loving, kind thoughts toward the planet, or a specific individual. It was discovered that the body is an electromagnetic instrument that can create peace at will. It is the power of our hearts, that can changing the world and transform it towards the Ideal.

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At the Completion stage of Love, our hearts resonance reaches 500 to 600. At the resonance of 600 (Peace) a person can have enormous impact on all social levels towards peace and harmony. Whether personal relationships, social connections, or even the global community - we are all connected through a field of electromagnetic energy. It's true our Body resonates with our Hearts and this resonance becomes physically manifested, influencing positively or negatively our environment.

Increasing our awareness of what we bring to this field environment could be the key to creating substantially CIG, The Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity - "One Human Family, Centered on God, as our Common Parent".
"When God is in your heart, you can break through the protective walls and communicate with the saints who died thousands of years ago.. That is why even though we cannot see God, our hearts know Him." Sun Myung Moon, CSG1 p.52
That's how I feel it. I sense God's heart towards the people; when he feels pain, or comes and embraces them with love. I can communicate freely with saints from the past. Now even science helps to understand the spiritual laws of the Heart.


There is a huge difference between the Spiritual Heart (sensing God's Heart and that of the people).. and the Brain producing chemistry (insensitive to others). The emotional part of the brain produces chemical drugs, that bring us into a state of certain feelings - feeling in love, or nervous, or angry.

You see now, why the struggle between Mind and Body exists. The body subjugates the physical mind under the control of chemistry (stored energy with negative resonance), and automatized bad habits. Heart subjugated under the Physical Mind, works under evil spirit world influence.

In the heart resonance chart, you see that, such state state of mind is in the low resonance of 0 to 200, where we are easily influenced by fear and doubts. Consequently, we can always be dragged to negativity and resentment.

Spiritual mind starts working more freely in resonance above 300. Here we start thinking properly, without evil spirits intervention.
Spiritual Heart: Heart Resonance of CIG, Unification Family Therapy, Psychology, Love, Power of Heart, resonance

The Heart Resonance of most average people is around 200 (Courage). But one persona at resonance of 500 (Love) can positively change the frequency of 70 000 other people. One person at the vibration of 600 (Peace) can effect 10 million people.  Person with vibration of 700 can positively impact 70 million people. That shows, that you can influence your environment, you can actually change the World. Read more...

In higher resonance we communicate through the Spiritual Heart. Your spiritual mind can connect with people, from any distance. Your Spiritual Mind is always connected to God - the vertical is not problem there! But the Physical Mind is horizontal - it's controlled by the bodily desires and the chemistry of the brain. We don't connect to God with our brain. Impossible! DP says,

(1) We are endowed with sensitivity to God's heart.
(2) We are given the intuition and reason to understand God's Will.

First we have to connect with God's Heart in our Spiritual Mind (our Spiritual Heart), then we try to understand it - include the horizontal analytical brain, to try understand God's Heart and God's Well. Not the other way around! Meaning, analytical brain is not the one to ask what's right and wrong. Brain is not the one to search for God. Heart is vertical - we should not violate the Heart. It always want's to live for others. Human problem was, that negative energy, produced by the body, surrounded and blocked our hearts. At this point in history people's Spiritual Heart is finally getting free. Our spirit finally can mature to dominate the body. We live in the age of the benefit of CIG.

Please take time to comment, write questions or your personal experiences. To learn more about this research please read, Resonance of Heart

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Spiritual Heart: Heart Resonance of CIG, Unification Family Therapy, Psychology, Love, Power of Heart, resonance


  1. Thank you for posting this

  2. It inspires me to hear that science affirms religion. Young people who love science but have been suspicious of religion can be inspired by this. It gives me hope for future generations.

    I'm reading a book called "The Light Between Us" by Laura Lynne Jackson, who can see through her spiritual eyes the same connecting bonds of energy that the author is witnessing about. She writes, "We are tied to all those we've ever loved by cords of light. Those cords can never be broken...like a fishing line of love."

    1. I had another realization. You know that holy song that goes, "Strong bond of heart is the force, bringing the world into Life..." Suddenly that has more meaning!

    2. I can totally relate with my study of Yoga.There is one young lady on Utube who teaches Yoga online and has over a million followers. Her heart is so genuine.

  3. wonderful Message . thank you for write and Post.

  4. What are the three stages of this physical life, and what does the blessing mean in spiritual/rational terms? In an age of rational materialism we must express God's point of view in their concepts. We must build a "pre-fall" culture.


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